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You're Here for a Reason..

Despite reading self-help books, journaling, investing in your growth + healing, and attempting to tap into your full potential, something just isn't clicking. There is still a gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Well…


You're in the right place

If you're anything like me, you crave genuine connection, unconditional love, and unwithering support. I mean, let's be real, who doesn't crave that?!


Because of this, whether you book a 1:1 session,  commit to VIP coaching, or simply do a guided meditation, THIS is the energy I bring to every single one of my clients. 


So love, if you are ready to heal and create a life that fuels your soul, come experience my proven methods, practices, and science-backed healing techniques that will make you look back on your life three months from now and drop your jaw.

The Goods

What Clients Are Saying


“I have worked with Maria doing 1:1 sessions for a few months now and I could not recommend her more to anyone looking for healing, guidance, and clarity. She is a pure, calming ray of light. During the sessions, Maria has always been perfectly on point when sensing where I have blockages or need healing. The techniques she uses during her sessions have allowed me to feel immediate shifts in my energy, helping me to really understand the power that I have over how I feel and who I am. The best part about working with Maria for these sessions is that I have experienced real shifts in my life. She has helped me to cut old relationship cords, find my purpose in life that I'm passionate about, and really helped me to discover how to tune in to energies around me more positively. My life has drastically changed (for the better) since starting working with Maria and I am so grateful for her!”


“Maria is incredible. I went into the 1:1 session with a specific intention that I thought I would take years to work through. Maria walked me through the releasing and reclaiming process and I felt such mental, spiritual, and physical peace by the end.  I left inspired to continue the practices that she taught me in the session. I was crying by the end of it due to the release I felt. I left  feeling refreshed, inspired, and brand new. I can’t thank Maria enough.”


Feeling the call?

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