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3 Ways to Connect Deeper With Your Intuition

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

I am a FIRM believer that utilizing your intuition on your self-growth and healing journey is a powerful way to achieve your goals, heal and create a life that feels so freaking aligned. Although after working with many women, I have seen a common theme: when push comes to shove, they deeply struggle with connecting to their intuition and, more importantly, honoring and trusting themselves.

If you feel this is a struggle for you too, know that...

  1. You are SO not alone.

  2. You are reading the right blog post

Today, I want to help you get a little closer to a reality of unwithering self-trust and share with you three simple ways you can connect deeper with your intuition and create a life that feels deeply aligned. As humans, we love to complicate things but in reality, developing this connection is rather simple. It just takes consistent practice! So, let's dive in!

1. Silence the Noise

Thanks to social media, we live in a world where we are constantly connected to others and have an influx of influence from the external world coming at us 24/7. While this is not all bad, it can deeply inhibit you from connecting with your inner compass. Think about it, the world is subtly, and not so subtly, telling you who you should be, how you should achieve your goals, what you should wear, how you should live, and how you should act.

If you are trying to connect deeper with your inner guidance system, you must commit to creating space from this noise. This can look like:

  • Spending less time scrolling on social media

  • Unfollowing accounts that don't add value to your life

  • Carving out intentional time in your day to be with yourself

When you create space from external noise, you will be able to hear the voice from within more clearly and connect with her needs, wants, and desires. While this feels like a simple tip, it truly will have the most POWERFUL impact on connecting with your intuition.

2. Journal Consistently

There is no better way to connect with yourself and intuition than through a good journal sesh. Journaling is an intimate, unfiltered way to see what's happening beneath the surface. Feel free to steal these alignment prompts for your next sesh:

  • What in my life no longer feels in alignment with who I am becoming?

  • What do I crave more of in my life? What do I crave less of?

  • Three months from now, what shifts would I love to see in my life?

3. Tune Into Your Body

Our bodies constantly give us intuitive feedback; we just need to listen. Next time you struggle to connect to your intuition, notice how your body feels when facing potential paths. For example, when exploring an idea, notice if you feel expansive and excited, or, on the other hand, notice if you feel closed off and anxious. When you notice the energetic feedback you get, this IS your intuition communicating with you.

With that being said, keep in mind that, at times, growth and healing can feel uncomfy, so make sure you're being honest with yourself about the emotions that come up for you and where they stem from.


I truly believe that if you harness your intuition, you can create a life that feels energy-giving, exciting, and healing. Foster this connection with your truth by implementing these three things on a regular basis!

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