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Hey friend, Maria here!

I'm a healer who believes in fearless action, eating chocolate at any time of day, and no such thing as too many dogs. 


As your coach, it is my mission to help you heal, create safety in your system, and turn your pain into purpose so you can create a life that fuels your freakin soul! 




I'm All About...

Empathy & Kindness

Because I wholeheartedly believe that this is the medicine that our world needs more of.

Helping Other Women Rise

Because something magical happens when women support women. I'm here for connections rooted in love, empowerment, and liberation.

Authenticity & Owning Your Power

Because you can feel fake vibes from a mile away, right?! I am all about encouraging women to take up space and stand firm in their authentic power. 


My Qualifications

- Degree in Psychology 

- Certified Life Coach

- Trained in Somatic Trauma Healing

- Trained in Polyvagal Nervous System Healing 

- Reiki Level 1 & 2 Certification 

- Certified Energy Healer 

You're Probably Wondering...

How'd I get here?

After years of letting trauma, unhealthy coping skills, limiting beliefs, and fear run my life, I had a deep knowing that something needed to change. Despite being in talk therapy and on medication for nearly a decade, not much was working for me. Tired of this, and being the determined Capricorn that I am, I committed to the journey of holistically healing my body, mind, and spirit.


For years, all my time, money, and energy went into studying and learning from industry leaders in psychology, somatics, fitness, energetics, and alternative healing. 


As I began to implement and embody all that I was learning, I noticed how I thought, felt, and even looked was starting to massively change for the better  (it's crazy what healing can do for you.) I thought, holy sh*t, this is actually working!!


After staying the course and embodying my transformation, friends, family, and even strangers on social media began asking me if I could help them. Through this, it became obvious that I had a deep passion for helping other women transform their lives.


Excited AF to make an impact, I started out doing personal training and energy work sessions. This led to further education and the birth of my life coaching practice. Before I knew it, I worked with multiple clients weekly and craved more! 


Today I use a variety of body, mind, and spirit practices to help my coaching clients experience transformation in their lives.


When I'm not working with clients you can find me...

Adventuring & Traveling

There is nothing I love more than the freedom, joy, and exhilaration a hike in the mountains, quick getaway, or last-minute adventure brings

Prioritizing Health & Wellness

I love crushing a good workout, going to a yoga class, attending group meditations, or baking in an infrared sauna — there is no such thing as too much self-care, right?!

Takin it Easy

I will never pass up an episode of New Girl, a cheesy romcom, a relaxing day in bed, or spending time in nature with the people I love most.

Think we are a match made in heaven?

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