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Let me guess..

You're tired of repeating the same patterns, butting heads with the same mental and emotional blocks, and feeling stuck in the same loop of anxiety, overwhelm, doubt and uncertainty. 


You're down to do the inner work and SO ready to go deeper on your healing journey and find solstice in knowing that you're investing in something that's actually going to work and get you real, tangible results.

I gotchu boo. That's where my 1:1 session comes in...


You're probably wondering...

What are 1:1 sessions?!

Designed with the intention to help you overcome inner blocks, clear and transform stagnant energy and emotions, and reclaim your innate power, 1:1 sessions pack a punch (in the best way possible).


These unique sessions are a blend of science-backed somatic healing, energy work, and coaching. 


During the session, you will experience a safe container for your nervous system to come into regulation and release the energy keeping you stuck, creating space for deep healing and clarity to come through.

How it works...

The 1:1 session is for you if...

  • You've tried other traditional healing methods, and it's helped a little, but you still feel stuck on your healing journey.

  • You are ready to consistently embody a happier, more grounded version of yourself. 

  • You are craving clarity, direction and a deeper sense of purpose in life

  • You've known for a long time that you're made for more but can't seem to shake emotions, patterns, and blocks that are keeping you stuck.


Investment: $175

Ready to release the blocks holding you back?

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